An innovative maker ecosystem across Africa, Europe and the world

The Project

mAkE is an European H2020 project focusing on makerspaces as key drivers for local digital innovation in Africa and establish mutual relationships and sustainable networks with European Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs)

Project Goals

Make Business

Create new revenue streams and build start-ups that are for-profit and for-purpose

Make Community

Strengthening the collaboration between DIHs. Improve links between them and the public sector actors and policy makers

Make Skills

Qualify by training and skill building SMEs, start-ups and makerspace members. Enable a sustainable capacity development

Make Infrastructure

Implement and promote systems for sharing skills, machinery and contracts across makerspaces. Introduce open standards to make processes easier

Make Impact

Build sustainable networks to ensure a solid, durable and tangible impact in the real world. Embed project outcomes into existing institutional structures


mAkE as an Innovation Action

A five-step research process that engage all societal actors by following a culturally and gender-sensitive methodology and principles.



Project members

A transdisciplinary team from Europe and Africa

mAkE partners have extensive experience in the field of ecosystem building and network management. Project members work with state of the art digital fabrication, co-creation and co-design processes, maker technologies, community and network management, digital social innovation, and are very well connected across maker communities and user communities, in Africa and Europe.

The project is led from Europe by the Centre for Social Innovation (Vienna, Austria). Then, there are eight more partners located fifty-fifty in Africa and Europe.

50% European participant organisations
50% African participant organisations
50% European participant organisations
50% African participant organisations