mAkE talks

  • 01 April, 2024 - 31 December, 2024

A new series for project’s outputs: the mAkE talks

Introducing mAkE Talks 2024 – discover the project’s key results!

Dive into the vibrant #makeafricaeu community, where makers, makerspaces, and DIHs in Africa and Europe converge to forge stronger bonds.

Explore cutting-edge project outputs, invaluable toolkits, and new resources designed to maximise the potential of your space for digital innovation, skill building, job creation. Tap into global collaboration networks like never before!


Venture Building Handbook talk

Watch the first mAkE talk on the Venture Building Handbook here:

The Venture Building Handbook, the go-to resource for startup founders, investors, and builders alike, prioritizing operational support and mentorship over merely providing capital, promoting an ecosystem that supports startups with expertise and guidance for innovation, risk-taking, and scalable growth.