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Knowledge Pills: Social Innovation

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In the seventh Knowledge Pills we hosted the Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI), explaining what social innovation is.

Barbara Kieslinger, from ZSI and coordinator of mAkE

In this Knowledge Pills, Barbara Kieslinger explores the concepts of social innovation and transformative innovation, highlighting their definitions, core elements, and importance in global maker communities. Social innovation refers to novel practices addressing societal issues, being contextually relevant, and having practical implications, while transformative innovation focuses on systemic change at a macro level. Various examples of social innovation are presented along different types of typologies, which range across experimental, collaborative, or intersectional aspects. Ethics, guidelines, and legal structures are emphasized for implementing social innovation within communities, particularly in the healthcare sector, with collaboration between the public and private sectors encouraged. Also to be mentioned are collaborations of makerspaces and careables as examples of social innovation with great potential, emphasizing their responsiveness, flexibility, and potential for co-designing solutions for unmet needs in the health and care sector.


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