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Makers in Residency program – first edition

Discover who are the three African makers and the European makerspace hosting for the Makers in Residency program, first edition.

Aurora Agyemang

Aurora Agyemang is a passionate bioengineering enthusiast driven by a relentless curiosity to explore and innovate in the realm of scientific instrumentation. With a foundation in biotechnology and a keen eye for interdisciplinary collaboration, Aurora is committed to harnessing technology to solve real-world challenges.

Aurora holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology from [University of Cape Coast in Ghana]. She’s currently the research lead of the Hive Biolab, a community lab space that develops educational resources for teaching contemporary skills in synthetic biology, enzyme manufacturing and develops hardware for biology. where she cultivated a deep understanding of biological systems and their applications. She has expertise in Project management, Bioengineering, Synthetic biology, Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine and Biosensors, Hardware for Biology.  Her background in both life sciences and engineering has equipped her with a unique perspective to democratizing access to scientific tools for research and educational purposes.

At the heart of Aurora’s journey lies a fervent dedication to open-source hardware. She firmly believes in democratizing access to scientific tools and knowledge, fostering collaboration, and accelerating innovation. Aurora’s advocacy for open-source principles is reflected in her commitment to sharing her creations with the wider community, facilitating the exchange of ideas and expertise.

Aurora’s testimonial:

I am currently participating in the Makers in Residency program, and it’s an incredible experience for talented African makers like me. The program focuses on bringing us together to collaborate on prototypes at Astro Lab in the dynamic city of Athens. The residency is for four weeks, and we’re diving deep into prototype development, and the program even provides financial support for our prototyping needs. This isn’t just a co-working opportunity; it’s a chance to exchange ideas and innovation across cultures. Makers in Residency doesn’t just nurture creativity; it propels it onto the global stage. For any African maker looking to bring ideas to life and connect with a diverse community of creators, this program is an absolute must.

Leonard Shayo

Leonard Shayo is an Electrical, Electronics, and Communication Engineer with a relentless passion for technology and innovation. My journey in the world of technology has been a dynamic one, spanning various domains and driven by an insatiable curiosity to explore the limitless possibilities of making.

His aspirations led him to establish OLSPACE, the first commercial space company in Tanzania. With OLSPACE, their mission is clear: to pioneer innovation for a better world. We delve into space exploration, aerospace technology, and interdisciplinary collaboration to address pressing societal challenges.

Leonard’s testimonial:

I’m incredibly excited to join the Makers in Residence program in Greece as it allows me to bring the innovative spirit of Tanzania to a global stage, forging international collaborations and gaining access to state-of-the-art facilities. This program empowers me to harness my skills and experiences to create a lasting impact in the world of technology and innovation.

Empowering STEM Education

He is deeply committed to empowering the next generation of tech leaders. At OLSPACE, we drive STEM education initiatives, nurturing young minds and offering transformative educational experiences. We believe in amplifying the potential of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines to shape a brighter future.

Instagram/ Twitter:/ Linkedin: @bunihub
Website: https://bunihub.or.tz/wp/

Emmanuel Mutisya

Working with IOMe005, under Kenya Red Cross Society as an Innovation Lab officer, Emmanuel is technical trainer specialized in mechanical engineering, a Certified Solidworks Designer (CSWP), Keyshot Render Artist, and a CNC machinist. Passionate on designing and turning innovative ideas into reality. 

He is interested and motivated in seeing people with innovative capabilities learn how to create their ideas/products into digital works (CAD) and transforming them into innovative products throughout ideation, prototyping and manufacturing using digital tools such as CNC, laser cutter, 3d printers, and also through DIY Crafts techniques. He invests his time in learning more product design techniques, visualizations and keeping pace with advancements in manufacturing space.  Likes to experiment and share his technical insights to solve present and future human-centric challenges.

Follow him on Twitter and Instagram: @IOMe254 and @emdzgn

Emmanuel’s testimonial:

The program will be of value to me as it will allow me to learn, network and share ideas with experts and makers in order to continue building sustainable solutions to our communities utilizing natural resources amidst the continuing challenges of climate change.

The European makerspace host: Odyssea

Odyssea is a non-profit organization that supports vulnerable young people in order to best respond to employment opportunities in society, by providing tailored vocational and life-skills training along with employability services. Odyssea’s mission is to ensure that people have equal opportunities by harnessing the power of knowledge for employment and personal development. Our vision is to build a world where all young people thrive by realizing their full potential.

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