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Mapping local makerspaces across Europe and Africa

mAkE – African European Maker Innovation Ecosystem, has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.  The project is running until January 2025 and the main goal is to build international partnerships between European and African innovation hubs. 

Part of our programme is to create infrastructure for distributed manufacturing between Europe and Africa, and show that makerspaces as digital innovation hubs are places for local smart production. 

Part of the infrastructure being developed is the Map of Machinery across Africa and Europe, using the Open Know Where Data Specification. To increase opportunities to engage and collaborate, the Internet of Production works on the mapping of Machinery (machines, people and facilities) across Europe and Africa.

The data collected is processed by the DevOps office of the Internet of Production. REV 1.1, 14/06/2023 CC BY-SA 4.0

Being on the map is a great opportunity to connect with other makers, makerspaces, and networks participating in the project. We want to support you in this opportunity by adding you to the map!

Because we want this map to continue beyond the project and understand how useful such an infrastructure is for you, we would like to invite you to engage in participating in this exercise. The goal is to end up with a self-submission form that you can update with the information you want to share on the global map. There will be a series of 3 forms we will ask you to fill in, from now until June 2024, that would enable you to autonomously continue updating your profile on the map.

By filling in the first of 3 forms, you agree to participate in the mapping activity and to share your information to be placed on the map.  In this first form, we ask you to enter:

  1. Information about your space: name, URL, address, GPS coordinates, contact
  2. Share the inventory of your machines (option to use the template linked)

Feel free to send your remarks or comments. Feedbacks are appreciated to help us create the best map possible for you. 

For data privacy concerns and requests contact by email at: [email protected]

Thanks in advance for your cooperation. 

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